A Wake Up Call!

We are all, by now, aware of the advancing tide of so-called "asylum seekers" 
encroaching on the lives and livelihoods of this nation's loyal taxpayers.  Each 
day, it seems, another convoy of foreigners are waved through our borders and 
encouraged to enjoy freedom from tyranny and oppression at government expense.

There is, however, a far greater threat to our country's well-being; an uncontrolled, insidious influx into our 
population that dwarfs the asylum problem, yet is apparently tolerated by both our government and the
conventional media.

Each year, almost 670,000 people are granted citizenship of the UK without having to undergo any form of screening or interview procedure.  They are unskilled, uneducated and, in the majority of cases, will demand state-funded assistance from the very moment of their arrival.

We call them "infants", "children" or, in the politically correct jargon of our time, "young people" - innocent-sounding terms which perhaps blind us to the real burden currently being shouldered by our society.  Most of these "children" enter our country ill-suited to cope with the economic realities of their new lives and, worse, show little or no interest in seeking employment.  Typically they will rely on resident families to take them in, and will spend several years lounging in pampered luxury before taking even the first steps toward financial independence.

Of course, once they discover the multi-billion pound training program placed at their disposal (and our
U.S. allies may be shocked to discover that the Britisheducation budget more than doubles defence
funding) few children fail to take the opportunity to exploit it.  An average child will spend more than a
decade in education - a fact yet more astonishing when one considers how many of them can barely
speak our language.

The most worrying factor of this problem, however, is not merely financial.  Despite the incredible
advantages put before them, many of the new generation of children will eventually go on to commit
crimes; almost certainly some will become involved in the dangerous, violent culture of drugs and guns
than we read about each morning.  Some may even turn to terrorism.  And while certain factions might
dismiss this as irresponsible scaremongering, the harrowing fact is that, between 2019 and 2028, half of
today's "infants" will form the demographic group responsible for the highest percentage of crime in this

Will this chilling topic ever be addressed in Parliament?  It seems unlikely, while the powers that be seem ever more willing to pander to the whims and fancies of child-friendly liberals but, at the risk of censure, the opinion of this commentator is that there can be only one solution:

Send them back where they came from.
with Clint Panzerdivision
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