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A Symptom of a Greater Malaise

No. 1 - The Smith & Wesson Model 500

Stand back, Dirty Harry.  This is the .50 caliber Magnum - the new 
most powerful handgun in the world, and as firearm enthusiasts across 
the U.S. will testify, it's certainly made their day.  With an 8-3/8 barrel 
and a ludicrous 2600 foot-pounds of muzzle energy (twice that of most domestic semi-automatic assault
weapons, and nearly three times the 900 ft-lbs of its famous .44 elder brother) this lethal monster sets a whole new standard of Magnum Force.

I know what you're thinking - does it fire six shots, or only five.  Well, six, and in their longer, powder-packed .50 caliber bullet the fine people at Smith & Wesson have ensured a Sudden Impact that's second to none.  You surely wouldn't want to be In The Line of Fire.

Of course, the four and a half pound beast isn't designed for The Rookie, and it's likely to set collectors back around $989 - A Fistful of Dollars indeed.  Still, it's not A Perfect World, and if you're one of The Beguiled you won't be Unforgiven for wanting to get your hands on this piece Any Which Way You Can.

Um.  You could keep it in your Pink Cadillac.  Whilst driving Two Mules for Sister Sara over The Bridges of Madison County.  Oh Jesus.  If you stop at Heartbreak Ridge you might see the Honkytonk Man walking the Tightrope.  Francis in the Navy?  Lafayette Escadrille?

Help me.
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